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Tablecloth stripes is the most popular oilcloth at the moment!

We offer a wide range of oilcloths. With a striped oilcloth you protect your table from grease stains and give your interior a modern and classic atmosphere. The striped oilcloth comes in many different sizes and is therefore always suitable for your table or other product. The oilcloth can be used both indoors and outdoors. In short: not only protect your table, but also create a classic corner in your home or garden with the striped design oilcloth!

The history of oilcloth

In our ancient history we have already been introduced to lace fabrics. These fabrics already indicated the classical time and above all: wealth. The lace fabrics used for our oilcloths give a luxurious look to your table!  

In the past, oilcloths were used at parties and other celebrations. These served as table protectors or as a fashionable item. During the week, simple oilcloths with solid colors were often used, and when a party was planned, people quickly went for something classic, such as the tablecloth with lace look!

Tablecloth stripes: available in different sizes

At Raved Fabrics you will find a wide range of tablecloths, including the oilcloth with stripe design. Are you looking for an oilcloth to decorate a square table? Or would you rather receive a customized lace oilcloth that perfectly matches your rectangular table? Then you have come to the right place!

In addition to different sizes and shapes, you can also choose from different colors and patterns! For example, you can go for a modern look with the beige tablecloth with white stripes, or go for an oilcloth in which the stripes are close together creating a linen look, also called the striped linen tablecloth.

  • Fall tablecloth stripes
  • Round tablecloth stripes
  • Square tablecloth stripes
  • Plastic tablecloth stripes

The tablecloth stripes is multi-purpose and the options are endless!

An oilcloth with stripes is multifunctional due to its modern look, for example:

  • As a table protector
  • To give your interior an atmospheric twist
  • To pimp the top of furniture
  • To create a nice sitting area in your garden

Tablecloth stripes: create a kid-friendly yet stylish corner in your home or garden!

Kids doing crafts are of course super fun, only a messy table is less fun. We have found the perfect solution: striped oilcloth. The classic look and protection of your table benefit both parents and child!

Protect your table from paint, marker, glue and other craft supplies. If you want to protect your table extra well, you can also choose to purchase an additional table protector. Then the table is also protected from scissors or other sharp objects. The tablecloth stripes is also easy to store and fold.

Tablecloth stripes: inside U.S. outside

Raved Fabrics' oilcloths can be used both indoors and outdoors! The advantages of such oilcloth are endless but below are a few that will make your choice a little easier!

Tablecloth stripes: outdoor use

Especially in the warmer periods of the year, you want to be able to enjoy your garden furniture in your garden or on your balcony. The lace oilcloth makes this a lot easier; The seating area is immediately nicely dressed by its modern look. It also protects your table from stains and other prints. 

Do you like to gourmet or barbecue in the summer? Then the tablecloth stripes makes this a lot easier! The oilcloth is easily removable with a wet cloth and the table no longer needs to be waxed!


Tablecloth stripes: use indoors

Could your home use a classic and luxurious twist? Then the tablecloth stripes will help you with this perfectly! The oilcloth will make your table look like new. You can also choose a smaller or round cloth that fits perfectly on your coffee table.

The oilcloth will also protect your table inside from food scraps, markers, paint and other craft items.

Order cheap oilcloth with free shipping

Ordering cheap oilcloth? Then you have come to the right place!!! You won't find better value for money than at Raved Fabrics. Prices start as low as 14.99 and go up to 49.99 the longer the length of the oilcloth. They are also shipped to you for free!

  • striped tablecloth plastic

Buy the tablecloth stripes in the store!

Do you think ordering an oilcloth online is too much work and doesn't feel comfortable for you? At Raved Fabrics, sails are also available for pickup in the store! Just place your order by phone or make an appointment to stop by the store. There the oilcloth can be cut to size for you and taken away immediately, super convenient!

A customized oilcloth

At Raved Fabrics you can order your ideal size sail starting at 50 cm. The width of the tarps are 140 cm. This fits almost any table! The round oilcloths have a diameter of 140, 160 or 180 cm.

Tips for our oilcloths


When you order your oilcloth online, you will receive it folded at your home. To remove these folds from the tarp as quickly as possible, we have listed some tips for you:

  1. Blow-dry at a distance of at least 30 cm.
  2. Remove the creases with a heated kitchen towel
  3. Ironing the oilcloth on the flannel side

Powder between oilcloth:

This powder is perfectly normal, so do not be alarmed by this! This powder is applied during production and makes the transparent oilcloth more flexible and less static.

Extreme weather? Get your oilcloth inside!

Of course, it is possible to use the oilcloth outdoors. We recommend bringing the oilcloth inside during rain and bright sunshine. This prevents discoloration and makes the oilcloth last much longer.

What size oilcloth should I purchase?

Oilcloth that is cut to size requires precision work, this because it is cut by hand. But many find it difficult to know exactly what size to buy. 

We recommend to order the fabric longer than the size of your table. The oilcloth may overlay 15 to 20 cm on both sides.

Will you choose the tablecloth stripes or yet another oilcloth?

Besides the lace oilcloth, you can also find other designs and textile oilcloths in different patterns at Raved Fabrics! These have a waterproof coating and are indistinguishable from cotton or polyester. These oilcloths are waterproof, easily foldable and washable at up to 30 degrees.

Returning PVC tablecloth?

Returns are always possible if the product is unused, not made specifically for you and within the return period. We would like to ask you to fold the product neatly and send it back to us in a plastic or paper bag or box! You can find more information on this page.

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